​Share your earliest transit memories!

The City of Columbia has a long history of bus transportation, and without even knowing it, it has affected every aspect of our lives. For many years it has helped hard working men and women get to work and earn a living for their family. It has helped kids get to and from school, and out to meet up with their friends at the movies or local diner. It’s been the symbol of team spirit as the “Spirit Bus” shuttle for football games at Mizzou. It’s also created steady jobs for many drivers and staff members in our community over the years.
The city bus may never be viewed as the flashiest or swankiest part of Columbia’s rich history, but to our customers and our staff, it’s an important part of our lives that helps us connect with our community and our lives wouldn’t be the same without it. Our customers are the faces of public transit, and their stories and memories are our history.

We are asking Columbia to share your stories with us and tell us how the city bus has been a part of your life. What’s your earliest memory of riding the city bus in Columbia? Is there a certain driver that made a special impact on your life? Do you have any photos or videos of riding the bus 10, 20, 30 years ago?

Email your memories and photos to COMOconnect@GoColumbiaMo.com or share on facebook and twitter all this month! #MyBusMemories

Later we will be sharing some right here on the website and everyone will get a chance to vote for your favorites!

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