#1Black/#2 Gold Detour – Rollins

Due to construction at the intersection of Rollins Road and College Ave, the #1Black and #2Gold routes will be detoured around that intersection through August 1st.

The #1A black route traveling south on College Ave will turn west onto University Ave, and south on Hitt Street before returning to normal route on Rollins, just west of the closure. The #1B black route traveling in the opposite direction will remain on its normal route through the area.

The #2 Gold route will be detoured one block north of Rollins Road to University Ave in both directions, and travel east and west on University Avenue between Hitt and Willam.

#8 Light Green Detour – Scott Blvd

Due to a road closure on south Scott Blvd, the #8 Light Green route will be on detour from July 28 – August 8.

The bus will travel south on Scott before turning around at CountryHill/Brampton/Southview and traveling back north on Scott Blvd, turning east on Chapel Hill, and returning to normal route at Chapel Hill and Form Blvd.

Vawter School road will be completely detoured until the road reopens on August 8th. Customers on south Scott Blvd can catch the bus on the corner of Southview and Scott. 

#2Gold Detour – Paris Rd Bridge

Due to a bridge replacement project on Paris Road over Business Loop 70, the #2 Gold COMO Connect route will be detoured in the area from July 28 through Sept 15. The detour is the same as the current #102 route detour.

#2A Gold (eastbound) will turn east onto Ammonette, north onto Old Highway 63, east onto Business Loop 70, north onto Hathman, and return to normal route at Hathman and Paris Rd.

#2B Gold (westbound) will turn south onto Hathman, west onto Business Loop 70, south onto Old Highway 63, west onto Ammonette and return to normal route at Ammonette and Paris Rd.

See map below for details.


102E & 103NE Detour – Paris Rd Bridge

Due to a bridge replacement project at Paris Rd over Business Loop 70 scheduled for July 11-Sept 15, the 102E and 103NE routes will be on detour in this area.

The east- and westbound 102E route will detour the bridge turning east on Ammonette, north on Old63, east on Business Loop 70, and north on Hathman Place and return to normal route at Hathman and Paris.

The westbound 103NE will turn east onto Business Loop 70 using the exit ramp before the bridge, and eastbound route will use the same detour as 102E (east on Ammonette,  north on Old63, east on Business Loop 70, north on Hathman) and return to normal route at Hathman and Paris Rd. Customers on Hathman Place needing to travel downtown should take the 102E (see above)

New detours will be published for this area for the new COMO Connect #2 Gold route starting August 4. 

102-103Detour July2014