Bus Stops

Bus Stop Sign Explanation

Bus Stop Signs

The new COMO Connect bus stop signs include many new features to help customers with more information at each location. Each bus stop and bus stop sign will have a 4-digit Bus Stop Number so you can easily identify your exact location. Bus stop signs will also show the bus routes that service the stop, including the route color, route number, and route description. You can also find COMO Connect contact information, and a QR Code to download a free real-time bus tracking application to your Apple or Android device.

Stopping at Unmarked Bus Stops

COMO Connect bus drivers will pick up and drop off customers at all marked bus stop locations. Drivers can also stop to pick up or drop off customers at other locations along the route, only when the driver believes it is safe to do so. Road and traffic conditions can change throughout the day, so the decision to stop at unmarked locations on a route is up to the discretion of your bus driver. Please remember your bus driver is trained to keep passengers safe and will do everything they can to help you reach your destination safely. To ensure the best COMO Connect riding experience, it is best to always board and exit the bus at marked bus stops.

Identifying Bus Stop Locations

Customers can find the location of COMO Connect bus stops on the individual route maps in the COMO Connect Public Transit Maps and Schedules booklet, on the free bus-tracking maps on our website, or on the free bus-tracking DoubleMap app.

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