COMO Connect is designed as a networked transportation system, relying on two core connector routes (#1 Black and #2 Gold) with high frequency service and buses traveling in both directions. It also offers nine smaller neighborhood routes (#3-11) with lower frequency and a bus traveling in only one direction. The routes connect at designated connection points where customers can exit one bus and quickly connect to another route for a faster and more direct route to their destination.

Connection points are designed to have minimal wait times between connecting routes and customers can expect to wait 5-10 minutes for their connection. If it is necessary to use more than one route to complete a one-way trip, ask the driver for a free transfer when you pay your fare. A transfer is valid up to two hours on any COMO Connect route. Transfers cannot be used for a round-trip.

    • Shown on the  map as a multi-colored wheel marking locations along a bus route that customers can connect to other COMO Connect routes. The colors on the wheel indicate the colors of the connecting routes.
    • Shown on schedules as a colored rectangle just under the location description at the top of the schedule. The color of the rectangle indicates the color of the connecting route(s) at that location.


Columbia, Missouri's public transit connection.