Route Identification

Route Names

Each COMO Connect bus route is assigned a color, number, and route description to help customers navigate the new system (example: #5 / Blue / Battle High School to Conley).

The Black and Gold Core Connector routes travel in both directions, so these routes will also have an additional letter listed after the route number to indicate which direction they are traveling (example: #1A Black Route and #1B Black Route). Please be sure you are boarding a bus traveling in the correct direction on these routes, and you can always ask the bus driver for help.

On Board Signage

All buses have an illuminated sign above the front window and on the curb side near the front door. This sign displays the route number, color, and destination of the bus (example: 5 Blue – to Conley). Read the signs carefully to ensure you are boarding the correct bus.

Bus Stop Signs

Each bus stop sign also contains information about the different bus routes that serve that stop. Look for the route color, route number, and route description to be listed in black the middle of the sign.

Click here for more information on the new COMO Connect bus stop signs.

Bus Route Maps

All COMO Connect bus routes can be found on the overall system map on the inside back cover of the COMO Connect Public Transit Maps and Schedules booklet. Find your location on the overall map, and then get a closer look at each route on the Individual Route Maps in the front of the booklet using the inset route description key and page number listed.


Please check out the online maps and schedules for each route under “Maps & Schedules” on the main menu above.