Transit in the News


Report suggests major changes to Columbia bus system- Missourian, March 21, 2017


COMO Connect Adding Assisting Technology to Website- ABC 17, August 18, 2016

Columbia Residents Can Catch a Free Ride on Election Day- KOMU, July 29, 2016

Additional Electric Buses to be added to COMO Connect Fleet- KRCG TV, July 29, 2016

COMO Connect Receives $1.7 Million for Electric Busses- Columbia Missourian, July 29, 2016

COMO Connect Adds Three All-Electric Buses to City Fleet- NGTNews, May 10, 2016

Improved Access: Disabled, advocates see progress in public accommodations – Tribune, January 24, 2016


City closings for Thanksgiving holiday – Missourian, November 24, 2015

Spirit of collaboration: Chamber trip focuses on Florida city’s successes – Tribune, November 1, 2015

Columbia prepares for heavy traffic on game day – Missourian, October 28, 2015

Columbia city council votes to add 18 new bus shelters – KOMU, Oct 20, 2015

Maintenance to limit road access in Columbia next week – Missourian, Oct 16, 2015

MU’s annual Homecoming celebration causes traffic – KOMU, Oct 10, 2015

COMO Connect adds new stops for homecoming weekend – KOMU, Oct 9, 2015

New bus shelters meant to jump start COMO Connect’s popularity – Missourian, Oct 6, 2015

Columbia city budget goes into effect – KOMU, Oct 1, 2015

Roots N Blues N BBQ parking and lane closures – ABC, Sept 25, 2015

Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival transportation info – ABC, Sept 24, 2015

Electric Buses Drive into Columbia (KBIA 9.18.15)

Green Efforts Increase in Downtown Columbia (Maneater 9.3.15)

COMO Connect turns 50 (Tribune 8.22.15)

Half-Century of Transit in Columbia draws crowd to Wabash Station (Missourian 8.21.15)

Columbia Public Transit Celebrates 50 Years (KRCG 8.21.15)

Columbia Public Transit celebrates 50 Years (Missourian 8.20.15)

COMO Connect Orders Quartet of Electric Buses (NGT News 8.14.15)

COMO Connect to Take Delivery of BYD’s Battery Electric Transit Buses (AZO CleanTech 8.14.15)

Columbia, Missouri orders first electric buses (PR Newswire 8.13.15)

City Council to vote on electric bus leases (Tribune 8.2.15)

City, county offices to close for Independence Day (Tribune 6.28.15)

Columbia vs. other Missouri cities (Missourian 6.27.15)

Amtrak and city buses: What do they have in common? (Tribune 6.5.15)

Columbia City Council, city staff take trial run on electric buses (Missourian 5.13.15)

COMO Connect passengers ride free Thursday (Missourian 5.6.15)

City Council Invites Columbia Residents to Speak Up (KBIA 5.5.15)

Bike, Walk and Wheel Week Promotes Healthy Choices (KRCG 5.4.15)

HereSay: Your stories about travel told on the Gold Line bus from COMO Connect (KBIA 3.25.15)

David Rosman (Missourian 3.25.15)

City hopes to take COMO Connect towards Sustainability (Missourian 3.23.15)

City Council candidates talk about challenges facing COMO Connect bus system (Missourian 3.23.15)

COMO Connect offers free bus rides during film fest (Missourian 3.5.15)

Need a Ride? (Move/Maneater 3.3.15)

COMO Connect driver weighs in on system eveolution (Missourian 2.26.15)

Consultant would create ‘master plan’ for COMO Connect (Maneater 2.18.15)

Columbia City Council members evaluate the decline in city bus ridership (KBIA 2.12.15)

City Staff signals interest in hiring consultant for COMO Connect (Missourian 2.8.15)

 City tallies slight decline in bus ridership (Tribune 1.6.15)

 COMO Connect to get up to 40 new bus stop shelters (Missourian 1.4.15)


No bus shelters in Columbia for Start of Winter Season (KOMU 12.16.14)

Despite revamp, Columbia buses still face tepid student interest (MissouriBusinessAlert 12.12.14)

Blessed Relief: Downtown plan would lower parking, transportation costs for area employees (Columbia Heart Beat 12.4.14)

COMO Connect will be idle Thanksgiving Day and run extra routes Friday (Tribune 11.26.14)

COMO Connect Flash Back (Columbia Business Times 11.25.14)

COMO Connect adjusts schedules and stops (Maneater 11.5.14)

COMO Connect revises bus routes after first 3 months of service (KOMU 10.27.14)

COMO Connect adjusts six routes (Tribune 10.26.14)

Curtain drops for HoCo Concert (Maneater 10.23.14)

COMO Connect gears up for Homecoming Weekend (Tribune 10.22.14)

Roots N Blues Transportation System Runs Smoothly (Tribune 9.28.14)

City offers free bus rides for Roots N Blues weekend (Tribune 9.24.14)

COMO Connect ridership up 11 percent over last year (Tribune 9.16.14)

MSA joins COMO Connect system revamp (Maneater 9.9.14)

COMO Connect opens Scott Boulevard, Vawter School Road route (Missourian 9.8.14)

City, users optimistic about natural gas filling station (Missourian 9.1.14)

Transit system changes are rolling (Tribune 8.31.14)

Opus, city still have original development agreement despite repeal efforts (Tribune 8.24.14)

COMO Connect reports ridership boost (Tribune 8.21.14)

Want to stay slim? Leave the car at home ( 8.20.14)

COMO Free – Tribune View (Tribune 8.13.14)

Officials report high ridership in first week of COMO Connect (Tribune 8.9.14)

COMO Connect shifts Columbia Mall Stop (Tribune 8.8.14)

Riders and drivers adjust to new city bus system (KOMU 8.4.14)

Columbia debuts new bus route (KBIA 7.30.14)

New bus routes give more coverage (KRCG 7.30.14)

COMO Connect Red Line to replace Fast Cat buses (KOMU 7.29.14)

City to begin phase-in of new bus routes on Monday (Tribune 7.24.14)

City prepares to open natural gas filling station (Tribune 7.21.14)

The Week in Photos: COMO Connect Information Bus (Tribune 7.20.14)

One Lane Road: Boosters Insist Aug Sales Tax Proposal is Only Practical Plan for Transportation (Tribune 7.20.14)

Chamber endorses transportation sales tax proposal (Tribune 7.19.14)

Bus tours Columbia to inform residents about COMO Connect (Missourian 7.16.14)

CPS interested in student use of COMO Connect (Tribune 7.16.14)

The League Presents: COMO Connect (LWV 7.16.14)

COMO Connect rolls out information bus (Tribune 7.14.14)

Transit hosts an array of COMO Connect educational Programs (Tribune 7.14.14)

New bus brings information on changes to city bus system (Missourian 7.12.14)

Video: The League Presents: COMO Connect (Columbia Access Television 7.11.14)

COMO Connect class allows bus riders to learn about new routes (Missourian 7.7.14)

Columbia Star Dinner Train still lacks accessible car (Tribune 7.7.14)

Columbia Transit prepares for launch of COMO Connect (Tribune 7.3.14)

Offices, services to close for Independence Day (Tribune 6.29.14)

Columbia Transit to offer limited July 4 bus service (Tribune 6.27.14)

MoDOT works on Amendment 7 plan despite Nixon Opposition (Tribune 6.26.14)

Coordinators show bus shelter concepts at open house (Tribune 6.26.14)

Columbians to choose bus shelters (Tribune 6.21.14)

Public to vote Wednesday on new bus shelter designs (Missourian 6.20.14)

Columbia residents speak out about proposed state sales tax increase (Missourian 6.16.14)

Downtown isn’t short on parking (Tribune 6.16.14)

COMO Connect replaces old hub-and-spoke bus system (Tribune 6.16.14)

Priority projects funded by proposed sales tax hike unveiled (Missourian 6.9.14)

Columbia unveils new transit brand, bus routes (ABC17 6.3.14)

COMO Connect unveils new brand for citywide transit change (Missourian 6.3.14)

Council set to vote on new Development Agreement with The Opus Group (Tribune 5.18.14)

Council OKs permits for Tenth and Broadway project (Tribune 5.6.14)

Columbia Area Earth Day Festival greets the sun on rain-out date (Missourian 5.4.14)

Columbia Earth Day Festival to feature proposed designs for city bus shelters (Missourian 4.26.14)

Members of Public Transit Panel Ride Buses to Gain Insight (Tribune 4.20.14)

New COMO Connect System has Successful Practice Run (KBIA 4.14.14)

COMO Connect gets a test run on Sunday (Tribune 4.9.14)

Columbia FastCAT and TigerLine Buses Resume Usual Schedule (KOMU 3.31.14)

Free Columbia City Bus Rides (KRCG 3.29.14)

Columbia to Offer Free Bus Rides Saturday in Honor of Earth Hour (Missourian 3.28.14)

Spring Break Affects Bus Route Schedules (Tribune 3.21.14)

East Walnut to Close for Road Repairs Next Week (Missourian 3.21.14)

City To Go Dark for Annual ‘Earth Hour’ (Tribune 3.19.14)

Columbia Bus Drivers Practice New Routes (KRCG 3.17.14)

Columbia Trains Bus Drivers on New Routes (ABC 3.16.14)

Bus Drivers to Train on New Routes (Tribune 3.15.14)

New app to help Columbia residents track public transportation (KBIA 2.24.14)

Funding still a challenge for Columbia Transit (Tribune 2.22.14)

CoMO Connect looks at possibly serving elementary schools in after-hours (Missourian 2.21.14)

Council approves CoMO Connect bus network (Maneater 2.19.14)

CoMO Connect transit overhaul wins city council approval (Tribune 2.18.14)

New Bus System Approved At City Council Meeting (KOMU 2.17.14)

Columbia City Council approves CoMO Connect bus system (Missourian 2.17.14)

MAP: Final hearing scheduled for new bus routes (Missourian 2.16.14)

Residents weigh in ahead of transit hearing (KRCG 2.16.14)

Plan to revamp city bus routes approaches finish line (Missourian 2.16.14)

Columbia transportation plan maps transit future through 2040 (Maneater 2.5.14)

Columbia considers overhaul of public transit system (KBIA 1.6.14)

City plows move into residential areas; wind chill warning in effect (Missourian 1.6.14)

Columbia Transit buses operating on Monday (KRCG 1.6.14)

Snow and cold temps make clearing roads difficult in Columbia (KBIA 1.2.14)